Local Area Connection Issues

Local Area Connection Issues.

Some users may be affected by local connectivity issues where after a certain time period of game play with Wtfast, their pc adapter shows an error displayed either as:

Local Area Connection Issue


Unidentified Network


This is an internal network issue caused by the user's router or nic card driver being outdated: 

(Please update your drivers with the manufacturers driver - then see below if you are still having issues)



Log into your router.

1. Port forward port 3724, or for advanced users port forward whatever port they have set up in Wtfast settings. 

2. Check the DHCP release/renew time on your router. Some home routers default time is set to renew at the 30 or 60 minute mark. While when it renews your router 'should' give your pc the same ip, it may not always, which causes the disconnection error: Therefore it is suggested that you set this to a much higher time frame. Most routers can be set to renew every 5-7 days if not more. 

3. Static IP - You also can assign your pc a static IP in your router configuration if you prefer not to continue using DHCP. 

Please see your routers documentation files for more information on how to configure its settings.

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