Setting up a custom game



WTfast has a custom game option that allows you to run virtually any game. To run a game using the custom game option, just follow these easy steps.

1. Run wtfast and log in with your account

2. Click Manage Settings.



3. Click Enable custom games and Save.



3. Click Custom games and 'Add' 



4. A new window will open that will allow you to specify the game you would like to play

5. You can now fill up the fields and add your custom game!

- Name: The name of the game you're playing. This will be the name that will appear in WTFast once the settings are saved

- Game executable file: The file that actively sends and receives data. You can use tools such as NetLimiter or Windows Resource Monitor to determine which file does this function.

- Launcher (optional): The file that is used to launch the game.  You can tell this by right clicking on your desktop shortcut icon and look at the properties.

- Launcher parameters (optional):  Some games allow for additional parameters to be passed to the launcher file, that's what this is for!

-click "Okay", this will return you to the main screen.



 Click "Play" to play your custom game! 






Still not working? Submit a new game to WTFast



Don't forget to upgrade to WTFast 

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