Connection Exclusions


We have now added a client-side learning function that will monitor the performance of the connection provided by our auto select system. If we notice the performance was not very good during your last play session, we will exclude that connection from auto selection for you over the next 24 hours. There is a "connection exclusion" menu item on the stats screen so you can see what is happening. This feature applies to auto select system only. This feature will monitor the performance of auto select.

There are 2 types of exclusion:

  • Exclude connection immediately: During game session, if the current connection has sent data to server but hasn’t received anything in 10 seconds -wtfast will disconnect.
  • Exclude connection based on connection’s quality: After a game session finishes, the connection will be added into the exclusion list if any of the following condition are met:
    • Average ping of wtfast is higher than average ping of internet by 40 milliseconds and average ping of wtfast is higher than average ping of internet by 20%
    • wtfast packet loss is higher than Internet packet loss by 2%
    • wtfast spikes are higher than internet spikes by 10%

By default the connection exclusion option is enable on your wtfast client. To activate or deactivate, please go to manage setting on your client > Choose the Network tab > select or deselect "Enable Connection Exclusions"



More about connection exclusion

When the connection has been excluded, the next time the user plays the same game and tries to connect to the same subnet, auto select will never pick that connection. Please note that it applies for the whole connection, not the proxy. For example: Client has excluded this connection : Client -> WA8 -> Game’s subnet. The next time WA8 will still be able to be used in dual-server connection like Client -> WA8 -> TO4 -> Game’s subnet.

“Never exclude” Option: whenever a connection has been added into the exclusion list and user wants to set the connection never to be excluded again - simply check the checkbox “Never exclude”.

Each game’s subnet will have a maximum of 2 connections to be excluded and 2 connections to be set as “Never Exclude”.

After 24 hours from the time the connection has been excluded, it will be removed from the list. Any connections in “Never Excluded” list still remain.


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