How to Generate Datalog and Traceroute Reports


Connection Reporting

  1. Pause your game 
  2. On the top dropdown menu, go to “Data Logs” and click the clipboard symbol. Screen_Shot_2015-12-28_at_10.17.23_AM.png
  3. Paste the (Ctrl + V) to a WordPad Document and save it.Screen_Shot_2015-12-28_at_10.17.41_AM.png


  1. On the same dropdown menu, go to Traceroute and click “Create Report” Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.18.08 AM.png
  2. Now you will have two (2) reports: Datalog and Traceroute Report. Please send those files to us Connection Reporting
  3. Now you are ready to send a ticket. Please include:
    • Name
    • WTFast version
    • City & country
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Optional)
    • Network connection: Auto or Manual
    • Exit WTFast; Try Auto and send us the Active server Show me how • Submit your ticket Screen_Shot_2015-12-28_at_10.59.18_AM.png

 Looking to submit a ticket. Start here



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