When Auto Select Best Connection Route Fails



When our automation fails, we automatically revert to using a WTFast server that is close to you.  The problem is that often the server close to you is not going to provide you with optimal results.  This may result in no improvement, or even a worse connection with WTFast.  There is also a chance that trace obfuscation could cause WTFast automation to fail to provide an optimal connection.


Why WTFast Automation Fails

Our goal for the WTFast GPN is to deliver an optimized connection everytime all the time. This is a very challenging problem, and this automation technology is still pretty new so it is far from perfect.  we do have some weak links and many improvements can be made.  Some examples of our current weaknesses include:

1.  If you are playing a game not tested by WTFast. If you are using “custom game”  this could be a possibility. Please go here to request to a new game. Find more information about custom game set up.

2.  Trace obfuscation is also another significant problem.  What this means is that some Internet trace data is being hidden from us, making it difficult to optimize the game connection.  For example, if we cannot determine the true location of a game server, this can make optimizing the connection from end to end very difficult.

3.  Temporary Internet issues can cause problems with virtually any connection.  We do our best to avoid these kinds of issues, but it is impossible to predict if a node will suddenly go bad.  We are working on additional tech that will help us to work around these temporary issues.

We are making some really amazing tech, and we continue to improve on the intelligence and automation.  It is not perfect though.

If you find our automation does not work for you please try the following best practices to improve the quality of your connection.

  • Switch from Wifi to a wired Ethernet connection

    • A Wifi connection can be interrupted by other signals

    • Wifi bands typically have lowers speeds than Ethernet bands

  • Turn off your Anti-Virus

    • Anti-virus programs are programed to find rouge services transferring data

    • WTFast may inadvertently be considered a rouge process and be blocked by your anti-virus

    • Adding WTFast onto your firewall exclusion list and anti-virus as a trusted program can also help eliminate these issues

  • Close programs downloading or streaming music/video

    • These programs take up huge amounts of bandwidth which can interrupt your gameplay

    • WTFast is designed to only accelerate the game traffic from your computer, but extra traffic can still slow down your game, creating a bad connection

  • Close and terminate any VPN software

    • Using a VPN with WTFast can net negative results to your game connection

    • Closing your VPN when you are gaming can help alleviate issues with unexpected lag caused by server changes from your VPN program
  • Pick a server manually and try the following combinations:

    • Choose a server close to your game server. Choose best if possible.
    • Choose a server close to your location. Choose best if possible.
    • Set up a chain connection (Learn how). this can involve a lot of trial and error to find a combination that will work well for your game connection. This option is only available for advance users only.

For more information: 

Learn more about manual server selection 

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