Will WTFast Improve Latency for Satellite or EVDO/Wireless Internet Connections?

WTFast can improve the response speed for virtually every connection type, however some Internet connections have inherently high latency just because of the way the technology works. This means that we can still improve your response speed, but the difference might not be as noticeable. With some wireless Internet connections such as EVDO, you are sending your data through cell towers. With satellite Internet, all of your game data has to be relayed through a satellite way up in the sky. This creates an additional round trip that your game data must take before it will reach its destination.

Ideally for gaming you should try to set up DSL or Cable broadband internet to get the best game response. If DSL or Cable are not available in your area, wireless or EVDO (using cell technology) is probably the next best choice. The last choice should probably be satellite Internet, it generally has the highest latency of all connection types and is not suitable for gaming. Definitely research your options and make sure to ask how good the latency is before you sign into anything.



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