How to become a WTFast Affiliate and find your custom promo link

Becoming a WTFast Affiliate is easy, and a great way to make some extra income. There's plenty of information about the program on our main website if you want to learn more about it.

Go to and select the Partners page. 


Click on Affiliates (next to Partner Offers in the breadcrumb trail)


Click the Sign Up button to access the WTFast Affiliate Portal. To become a WTFast Affiliate, enter your email address, create a password, and accept the terms of the agreement.


Once you're logged into the Affiliate Dashboard, go to the Programs tab and click Participate.

Here is your Custom Affiliate Link. You'll need this to get credit for registrations that happen thanks to your amazing promotional skills. A WTFast Affiliate link will look like this:

Please feel free to use a link shortener if you prefer, though we find it's better to be up-front about affiliate links. By sharing this link with your community, you help us spread the word about WTFast so we can continue to grow and improve our services. And you get a 20% cut of memberships sold, which really adds up if you're a great promoter!

Good luck with your promotional efforts!


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