How to earn money as a wtfast Affiliate

Thanks for your support of wtfast

If you already have a community of followers, then you may be able to earn some additional revenue as a wtfast affiliate!

Becoming an affiliate is easy, and a great way to earn some extra income at no extra cost to your followers. A win-win for us and you!

How to sign up as an affiliate:


  • Sign up as an affiliate through this page:
  • We use Tapfiliate to make it easier to keep track of your affiliate activities
  • Enter your personal information, including Contact Details and a payment method
  • Our team will review your application and Approve or Decline
  • Once approved, the affiliate system will give you a Custom Link that you'll use to promote wtfast everywhere you can!


Tips on becoming a successful affiliate

It takes work to become a successful affiliate, but it's absolutely worth it! Many content creators have been able to earn a nice income through affiliate sales, and you could do the same by promoting wtfast to your community.

  1. Include your affiliate link in your templates. YouTube has a template system, and you can add the links there.
  2. Use your own website or blog. Write a blog post about how to solve problems for specific games, then link from that blog post using your affiliate link. This way you're helping others. 
  3. Don't have a website? Get one! Use something simple like Squarespace or Weebly to get started. 
  4. Be honest. You are required to disclose to your community when links are affiliate promo links. The best way to handle this is to be up-front and honest. Tell your community that the link is an affiliate link, but reassure them that they don't have to pay any additional costs. 
  5. Create value. What value does your content offer your community? Make sure your content is Helpful, Entertaining, or Inspiring. If it's not one of these three things, you're much less likely to grow a community of supporters. And you need supporters to earn revenue as an affiliate!
  6. Make a Resources page on your website. Are there tools or things you recommend to your followers all the time? Make a Resources page and include your wtfast Custom Link here. 
  7. Remember that Affiliate revenue is income. You'll have to keep track of the money you earn as an affiliate for tax purposes. If you have any questions about whether you should earn money as an individual or a business, consult with an accountant and/or a lawyer.


How can I see how much I'm earning?

Simply login to your Tapfiliate account and click on the Conversions tab. Screenshot_2018-06-15_15.04.49.png

Link shorteners - good or bad?

It's fine to use a link shortener or short link if you prefer. However, you definitely need to be up-front with your community. It's a requirement of any affiliate program that you declare and clearly tell your community that you're using an affiliate link. 

Keep in mind that some users don't trust shortened links like and others. If you can, it's much nicer to use a real URL that's more transparent about where the user will end up. 

What if I don't have a large following yet?

To be honest, you're much more likely to become a successful affiliate with a larger following.

However, keep in mind that it's not as much about the size of your audience as the quality of your audience. If you don't get much engagement (e.g. likes, comments) on your social media posts, it's not very likely that your followers are going to support you by signing up for wtfast.

Growing a community is about trust and building relationships. Without existing relationships, you'll have a much harder time. Focus on building meaningful relationships through valuable content. 



Good luck with your efforts! And thanks again for helping us to make wtfast even better!



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