How to Become an Affiliate

How do I become a wtfast 
Click this link to get started:

Where is my personal referral link?
Go to "Sources" and then select the "Assets" tab in Tapfiliate. Your referral link is at the very top. 

Where can I find the logos/banners/videos?
All of your promotional material is found under the “Assets” tab in Tapfiliate. 

When do I get paid?
Affiliates are paid on the first of each month. If that day lands on a holiday, you might get paid on the next business day.

How much do I get paid?
You are paid $0.50 USD per trial conversion. If that user creates an account and converts to a paid user, you are paid an additional $5.00USD for the paid conversion.

What is a conversion?
A conversion is created when someone clicks on your personal referral link and downloads wtfast. Users can download wtfast for free without needing to create an account or providing payment information like a credit card. You are paid for each type of conversion.

How do I get answers to my technical questions?
We have an amazing technical support team eager to help. Please submit a ticket to our support team at;


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