How to Create Great Gaming Videos

The best and most viewed videos do one or more of the following:

Videos that Teach 

Many players are new to the game and have no idea where to start or how to play. Everyone is a beginner when they first start and need help. The more advanced players want to see something useful. They like the insider information. Hacks. How to kill a difficult boss. Where to find the best loot.

Videos that Entertain

The world can be a difficult place, and people want to escape. They want you to make them laugh or get excited about something. Glitches, epic battles, high kill spam, Stories with multiple videos. Character development is crucial if you are creating videos with storylines.

Video Reviews 

Before you play a new game, you want to know what it is like. You want to hear what others think about it. Is it really difficult? Fun? Great storylines? You want information before you invest time and money into a new game. This is why reviews are popular.

General Tips and Ideas

  • Play with friends. So much more fun, comedy, and great things can happen when friends play together.
  • Don’t have extra "filler" content. People will get bored and stop watching.
  • Have a purpose to your video, and stick to that purpose.
  • No continuous shrieking. Yes, it is popular with the younger kids, but most people turn it off.
  • No clickbait, no lies. Honesty goes a long way. 
  • Do what you say you will do. If you introduce your video as a compilation of fails, then your video will be a compilation of fails.
  • Save the best for last so your viewer watches until the end.
  • Good quality microphone and lighting for clarity. Natural lighting is the best and cheapest.

The Technical Part

  • Have a great intro. The intro tells your viewers what your video is about. A great intro has a hook that leads your viewers to watch until the end.
  • Middle of the video does what you say you will do in the intro. No extra filler. This is also a chance to engage your viewers. Ask them questions. Invite them to comment.
  • End of the video is completing what you said you would do. End with something exciting or funny whenever possible.
  • Have a great outro. Thank your viewers for watching. Ask if they enjoyed the video. Ask them which part they liked best. Very important: Ask to like/share/subscribe/comment. Ask them to check out your Facebook/Twitter/Twitch/YouTube/Instagram. Lead your viewers into another similar video of yours or tell them about the next video you are creating.
  • Great Editing! Here's a great guide:,review-2167.html
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