How Do I Successfully Increase my Followers/Subscribers?

Types of Gaming Channels:

  • Show
  • Commentary
  • In-Game Comedy
  • Out-of-Game Comedy
  • Informational
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Hacks
  1. Find Your Niche. What are you good at? What makes you unique? Once you find your niche, stick to it as much as possible. If you need ideas, check out your favorite Streamers and see what makes them special. What makes you keep going back to them? Make sure to emulate, not copy. 

  2. Consistency. Post regularly. If you say you will post 3 times/week, do it.

  3. Ask Friends, Family, Business connections to help you get started. Ask them to like/share/subscribe/comment/follow. Let them know when you come out with new content.

  4. Quality over Quantity. Better to post 1 awesome video a week. Not 5 bad or mediocre videos a week.

  5. Brand recognition. Use the same font for your video thumbnails. Here's a great tutorial! Use the same art for your banner and profile images. Your audience wants to recognize you quickly and easily across all social media platforms.
  6. Invest or create custom profile art and banners. You want to be unique, not blend in with everyone else. Some great tools for this are Adobe Spark and Canva
  7. Use Social Media to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube. You will reach many more potential viewers this way.

  8. Have a link to your social media profiles on your Banner. This video shows how to do this very easily! 

  9. Have an intro. Make your intro short and sweet, and the same each time.

  10. Have an outro.  This is where you can promote yourself, a product, tell your viewers about a related video (remember to place clickable link to video in description), and more. Always ask your viewers to like/share/comment on your video. You can also ask your viewers a question in your video and invite them to comment. Viewer engagement is important. Outro should lead to 1 or 2 more videos that you have created. Introduce another related video, have the link to that video in your video description. In your video outro, create links to your other social media channels. Here is how.

  11. Engage your viewers. Ask them questions in the video and comment below. Respond to their comments. Answer their questions. Respond to constructive negative feedback with questions and responses.

  12. Negative feedback is a learning tool. Don’t take negative feedback personally. If it is constructive, learn from it. Ask how to make the video better. There will always be haters who don’t offer anything constructive, those you can ignore. And you will not please everyone all the time. Just learn what you can, try to do better next time, and move on.

  13. Be the first person to like and comment on a question on your video. This shows that you are actively engaged and aware of your audience. 

  14. Be the first person to share your video across your other social media platforms. Show that you are actually using these social platforms. 

  15. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your full advantage. Have the same wording in your Title, the verbal introduction of your video, verbally in your outro, thumbnail, in your first comment/question, and in your video description. For example; I create a video about Funny Minecraft Glitches. My video title will be; Funny Minecraft Glitches. The thumbnail for the video will be; Funny Minecraft Glitches. I will verbally introduce my video: “In this video, I will show you Funny Minecraft Glitches”.  In my outro: “I hope you liked my video about Funny Minecraft Glitches”. In my first comment below: Which Funny Minecraft Glitch did you like the most? Video Description: This video is about Funny Minecraft Glitches. Very simple, very effective.

  16. How to Use Hashtags (Correctly). You don't have to hashtag #every #single #word. Here's a great resource on how to use hashtags effectively for social media marketing. 
  17. Community Engagement. Visit other Streamers/Facebookers who are in your Niche. Like their videos, subscribe to their channels, leave positive comments and questions. Also, reply to comments and questions their viewers have left. Once you have engaged in the community, you can then collaborate. Very important: do not use this to advertise your channel. You should not be putting your links here. Just engage the community and build connections.

  18. Participate in platforms and forums related to your genre. Ask questions. Answer questions. Or just chat. Again, very important to not use this advertise yourself. A list of useful forums can be found here.

  19. Collaborate with others in your genre. Promote each other. You will build each other up.

  20. Feature other Streamers in your genre on your videos. Videos get a lot more fun when more than 1 person is playing. Make sure to introduce your fellow streamers at the beginning of your video and in your video description. And remember to have a link to their channel in your description.

  21. Play with friends! Most gamers have a consistent group of friends they like to play with. Playing with friends is more fun, so your videos will be more fun :)

These points are intended as a starting place and should be taken as loose guidelines to be successful. If you have something that works, keep doing it! 

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