Building a Successful Channel/Social Media Presence

How can I build my Audience for my Social Media Channels?

You will have to click here to see everything! Click here to learn more! 

Also, we have a Discord channel that you can join when you become a wtfast affiliate. Our wtfast affiliates are happy to help :)

How do I successfully promote wtfast?

There are many effective ways to promote wtfast. The crucial part of affiliate promotion is having a clickable link (your personal referral link) that leads your viewer to the wtfast sign-up page. You need to do this to create conversions and make money. How?

  1. A short, verbal shout-out to wtfast in your video, accompanied by a clickable wtfast logo in the video or in the description.
  2. A clickable link on your YouTube banner
  3. A clickable wtfast logo or banner on your Twitch channel
  4. A clickable wtfast logo in your YouTube video
  5. A video intro/outro, followed by a clickable link in your video description
  6. A text description below your video with clickable link
  7. Create a resources page and add a description of wtfast with a clickable link.

Note: Always have a clickable link! 

Much more detailed information with descriptive videos here: (link to “Useful Scripts to Promote wtfast”)

Also: change how and when you promote wtfast! Tapfiliate enables you to track where your clicks and conversions come from. This helps you figure out which way gets you the most money.

How often should I promote wtfast?

Well as frequently as possible! The more you promote the higher the chance of increasing your conversions and commission.  We also recommend having a description of wtfast permanently on your channel pages where appropriate. 

Useful Scripts to Promote wtfast

How do I increase my conversions?

Clickable links are crucial. Don't know how to do this? Click here to learn more. To increase conversions, you have to gain your audience’s trust. Don’t just tell them to buy wtfast, or have a banner and expect them to click and buy.

Explain how wtfast works by using a wtfast video intro/outro or in your resources page, explain what wtfast is and how it works. Click here for a useful example script to promote wtfast.

In the description and/or resources page, explain how wtfast works FOR YOU. Some great questions to answer are;

  1. How much does wtfast lower your Ping?
  2. Does it make your game better? Faster? Smoother?
  3. Then give them the link and ask them to try it out!

How do I make a great video?

Be Yourself! What do you do great? What is unique to you? What are you Passionate about?

Most searched for videos:

  1. How To's, Tutorials, Hacks
  2. Entertainment Value: lots of kills, fails, glitches
  3. Reviews

Many more tips here: How To Create Great Gaming Videos

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