Error 408

Sometimes users experience the error 408 while trying to log in to the client PC Client and website.

PC Client:




If you experience this error, please try the following:

PC Client

Completely exit the client by going to your system tray, right-click on the WTFast icon, and click 'Exit' on the menu. Then: 

  • Press Windows key + R on your keyboard to open run command

  • Type: %localappdata%

  • Press ‘Enter key’ or ‘Ok’ button

  • Delete the "AAA_Internet_Publishing_I" folder

  • Try logging in to WTFast again 


  • Clear cache/cookies on your current browser

  • Restart browser

  • Try to log in again

If those steps don't solve it, try them using “Incognito” or “Private” mode on your browser and try using a different browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

If the error persists, please send an email at with a detailed explanation of your experience and include the following reference number: 115144.

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