How to Cancel your Subscription

How to Cancel your Subscription:

1.  Click "Members"

2.  Login to your account

3.  Brings you to subscription history page by default

4.  Click "cancel" beside the subscription you want to cancel

Note: When you cancel your subscription any and all scheduled FUTURE charges associated with the subscription will be cancelled. However your account will remain active for the subscription period you are paid through. Per our terms of service WTFast does not provide refunds on PAST subscription charges.


Because bills can take several days to process, please cancel at least 3 days before the end of your paid time to avoid receiving a bill after your account has been canceled.  You will always retain any time you have remaining, so if you would cancel your account cancel before the renewal date visible in the account section.


**Please note - support staff are unable to manually cancel accounts upon request.


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