Troubleshooting new account verification problems

Sometimes users cannot find the verification email on their mailbox or experience a browser error while trying to verify a new WTFast account.   

If you experience these difficulties or another issue while activating your new WTFast account, please try the following:    

  • Clear cache/cookies on your current browser

  • Restart browser 

  • Try to resend the verification form again by clicking on this link:  

  • Search for the verification form email on all your mailbox: spam, promotions, social, updates, etc. The email subject is 'One More Step... Activate Your WTFast Account!'.  
  • Once you've located the verification email, just click the 'Activate Account' button and your account will be verified.   

Important note: Make sure to look for the verification email on all your mailbox. 

If those steps don't solve the issue, please try them again using 'Incognito' or 'Private' mode on your browser and try using a different browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.   

If the issue persists, please submit a support request using this link Include as much information as possible, for example, a screenshot of any error message, the steps you've taken, the browsers you've tried, etc. This information will enable our support team to solve this problem for you faster.  

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