Web Trust Failure

Web Trust Failure:


This is caused by a certificate validation error that causes a denied access message to the user.


To Fix:

First establish where in the network the error is being generated from.


  1. Please ensure that your OS is windows 7 or higher - as XP and Vista are no longer supported. 
  1. Ensure that your date/time/region are correct via the control panel and that all window updates have been applied. You can also test whether enabling/disabling synchronization with internet time resolves the issue. 

    3.Disable your anti-virus/windows defender - attempt to login in 

  1. If step 2 and or 3, doesn't allow you to log in, either reset your router to default settings or login to your router to absolutely ensure that the WTfast application is not being blocked. 
  1. If you still cannot login - attempt to login WTfast from a different service provider - for example: using your mobile as a temporary hot spot with a tether, or being able to connect to a different ISP 
  1. If step 5 is successful, please ensure that your router is configured and operating correctly. In some instances failing routers have been found to be a cause for this error. Try bypassing your router and connecting directly to the internet via only your modem (if you have this option - to verify router is at fault.)
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